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Topographic survey specialists – France

CORRELANE TECHNOLOGIES carries out topographic surveys wherever you are in France.

Our services

Hire our services to delimit a plot of land or determine the properties of a site  (ground altitude, depth, distances, surface, trees, poles, walls, etc.).

Contact us to draw a topographical plan, an essential element in the planning of any construction (house, industrial building, road, etc.) or landscaping project. We also provide services for the detection and geo-referencing of underground networks.

We develop and implement technological solutions adapted to your topographical needs

Topographic survey France
Topographic survey France

Topographers at your service

We meet the needs of construction managers and contracting authorities: local authorities, engineering firms, construction and public works companies, real estate developers, etc. We also serve notaries and lawyers.

Concerned about the satisfaction of our diverse clientele, we ensure responsiveness, rigour and high-quality work. We use the best industry equipment available to take accurate measurements and obtain reliable results.

We do not skimp on technical means and resources to provide quality services


Our services :

  • Detection of underground networks
  • Geo-referencing of underground networks
  • Topographic surveys
  • Heritage inventories, etc.

Our strengths :

  • An expert team
  • Comprehensive systems
  • A broad scope of applications
  • Business solutions

Intervention areas :


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