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Underground network detection – France

CORRELANE TECHNOLOGIES puts its expertise in underground network detection at your service anywhere across France.

Improving network security

We develop comprehensive systems for the detection of underground networks: gas, electricity, public lighting, telecommunications, optical fibre, remediation, chemical pipelines, etc. Take advantage of our innovative solutions by buying our products or hiring our services. We handle:

  • Complementary investigations in compliance with the requirements of the NF S 70 – 002/3 standard
  • Staking
  • Detection and as-built surveys
  • Geo-referencing, etc.

We attend to all underground network detection needs

Detection of underground networks France
Detection of underground networks France

A professional and reliable company

Founded in 2005, CORRELANE TECHNOLOGIES has extensive experience in the detection of underground networks. It plays an active role in preventing and eliminating accidents caused by earthworks nearby underground networks.

We are members of the FNEDRE and accredited by Veritas for our professionalism and reliability. Our team of competent and experimented specialists is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We have been specialising in underground network detection for over 14 years


Our services :

  • Detection of underground networks
  • Geo-referencing of underground networks
  • Topographic surveys
  • Heritage inventories, etc.

Our strengths :

  • An expert team
  • Comprehensive systems
  • A broad scope of applications
  • Business solutions

Intervention areas :


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